All Candidates Meeting Recording

Pemberton All Candidates Meeting - September 26, 20222

This video was filmed for those that missed the Pemberton All Candidates Meeting on September 26, 2022. It is not our intention to put out a well-documented account of the event; therefore, we did not put any effort into this filming or editing video. Please excuse the poor quality.

Thank you to PORCA president Ian Kruger for moderating the evening and PORCA Executive Director Bree Thorlakson for working with our community’s historical light-box timing system.

The following candidates were in attendance and seated in this order:

  1. Chadi Abouhalka
  2. Mike Richman
  3. David MacKenzie
  4. Melissa Ronayne
  5. Laura Ramsden
  6. Andrea (friend, sitting in for Katrina Nightingale)
  7. Jennie Helmer
  8. Ted Craddock
  9. Katrina Nightingale (on the TV, zooming into the meeting)
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