Danielle Menzel – Realtor

Danielle Menzel - realtor

Danielle Menzel REALTOR

This month’s Meet the Members features a home-grown local, Danielle Menzel.

Danielle grew up in Pemberton, as did her Dad, Bob Menzel and her Grandfather, Henry Menzel. The family has been in the valley since the 1920s.  She left after High School but returned to the Sea to Sky shortly after and came back to Pemberton in 2004. She became a licensed realtor in 2006. She loves to spend time with her family, travel, dig in the garden or relax at the family cabin at beautiful Birkenhead Lake.

When asked why she decided to become a business owner and real estate advisor Danielle shared the following: “I loved Pemberton and I knew I wanted to stay. I knew I needed to find a career that allowed me to stay here and also one that filled my “cup.” Being a Real Estate Advisor allows me to connect with and advise people, and to assist them in reaching their goals. I love helping people to find secure and stable housing and build a home here.”

The real estate business is not without its challenges and Danielle meets them head-on. “The rising costs of home ownership – I work a lot with first-time buyers and young individuals and families. The goalposts have moved really quickly – especially in the last couple of years – first with rising home prices and next with increasing interest rates. It’s a challenging environment to buy into, but where there is a will, there is a way. Homeownership here is achievable, but you need to have a plan and often some sacrifices have to be made.” Putting all the pieces together and making the perfect match is Danielle’s greatest reward. She continues, “I love win-win situations, seeing the smile on people’s faces and helping them achieve their goals – both buying and selling. It’s exciting to be involved in such a monumental moment in people’s lives and there are usually some big emotions that come along with that!”.

Danielle wants people to know that they can reach out to her at any time. “I love to connect with people and I am always happy to answer any questions. I am low-key, approachable – zero pressure and I always have time to help.”

For expert real estate advice, you can find Danielle via her website – RealEstatePemberton.com

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