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The recipe for the pizza dough doesn’t use a typical yeast formula. It is a natural medium mixed with caputo (which we bring in from Italy). The history of the batch goes back over 25 years from San Francisco and this helps give our dough (in our opinion) a truly authentic Italian taste. We use the 100 mile rule for purchasing Canadian made products and all toppings are farm bought (when possible). Our pizza is a Neapolitan, thin style crust which cooks in under 90 sec because of the oven’s heat.

We can set up in a park, parking lot, flat lot, as long as we can bring our trailer through. We prep, dress and cook pizza all on site.

Our toppings include:

cheese, organic tomato sauce, and spices additional toppings: tomatoes, salsa, green (red, yellow, orange) peppers, red onions, pineapple, white mushrooms pepperoni, cervelat salami, and black forest ham.

Our set up is with a 10×10 tent, mechanical refrigeration, generator, sinks, stainless steel food grade prep table and display case. We can sell whole pizza, or slices. We are able to serve up to 200 people in under 2 hours.

Check out our pizza maker extraordinaire Talula Klein making pizza in this short video below!


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