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Pemberton & Region Economic Development Plan Gets Underway in 2019

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October 12, 2019 

Pemberton & Region Economic Development Plan gets underway –
process to be led by Clear Course Consulting’s Veronica Woodruff in collaboration with EcoPlan.

Pemberton, BC/Líl ̓wat & Lower St ̓át ̓yemc Territory

The Pemberton & District Chamber of Commerce was successful in securing $100,000 in funding from the BC Rural Dividend Program for the development of the Pemberton and Region Economic Development Plan. This is an initiative of the Pemberton Area Economic Development Collaborative, that has been meeting quarterly since February 2018. The purpose of the collaborative is to share information, build relationships and collaboratively explore and facilitate economic development opportunities within the Pemberton Region.

The goal is for the Plan to create a foundation for regional economic growth and to improve community vibrancy, by bringing the region’s agencies and stakeholders together to explore common ground and identify a shared vision. It will provide a point of central contact, vision, and cohesion for the many disparate initiatives taking place to address growth, stimulate opportunity, and serve the communities living in the Territory and region. The Plan will develop, over the next year, with energetic community consultation, both with the collaborative and with the wider community.

The project aligns with the Nuk’w7ántal’ (“We help each other find the way”) government-to-government initiative to build relationships and practice reconciliation.

This Regional Economic Development Plan is well on its way with a new Project Manager hired to guide the process. The Project Manager is Veronica Woodruff from Clear Course Consulting Ltd.. Veronica has lived and worked in Pemberton since 2000. Veronica will be working with the consultant, EcoPlan International Inc., who has decades of extensive experience in economic develop planning.

“I am really excited for this project to start picking up momentum now that our team is in place! It is really great to part of a regional collaborative which have long-term future benefits for all our communities!” says Veronica Woodruff, the new project manager.

Veronica Woodruff
Project Manager, Veronica Woodruff

For more information, please contact:
Veronica Woodruff
Project Manager for the Pemberton & Region Economic Development Plan
Email: Email Veronica
Phone: 604-966-8229

For inquiries about the Pemberton & District Chamber of Commerce, please contact:
Graham Turner, President
Email: Email Graham
Phone: 604-932-7834

“The objectives of the Pemberton + District Chamber shall be to promote the Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, and Welfare of Pemberton and surrounding area.”

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