McDonalds Sea to Sky – Restaurant Leader

Job Details:

Restaurant Leader

We are sure that you have an idea about what working with us is like, but just in case here are some of the highlights on what your job will entail:
Inspiring a team, instilling a sense of pride, and creating a culture that helps deliver the world’s best Quick Service Restaurant experience
Maintaining a safe, secure, and sanitary environment for your guests, your team, and yourself
Managing and leading a team of Managers and Crew Members
Participating in local events that positively impact your community
Upholding our renowned cleanliness methodology
Building sales and profits, which in turn build your value, professionally and financially.

While previous experience working in food service or retail as a barista, server, sales associate, cashier, team member, or customer sales representative as a manager is always helpful and appreciated, what is most important is who you are.

You lead by example and are accountable. You have high expectations and consistently raise the bar for yourself and your team. When confronted with a situation, you can assess and problem-solve with confidence. You put people before profit, knowing that creating a positive culture leads to happier, more engaged staff who will deliver a better experience for your guests.

Job Title: Restaurant Leader

Job Status: Open

Job Sectors: Bar, Food & Hospitality

Job Type: Full Time, Part Time

Salary: Depends on experience

Duty Hours: various

Regions: Pemberton

How to Apply

This employer offers the following options to apply:

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