Lil'wat Business Corporations

Associates / Not-for-Profit, Services

Box 605
Mount Currie, BC
V0N 2K0

Telephone: 604.894.6115

We, the Lil'wat Nation are an Interior Salish Nation, we have a population of 2000 and a traditional territory of 1.98 million acres,stretching between Squamish and Lillooet. Our territory sits between two formidable mountain ranges boasting a rich biodiversity; ice fields, alpine meadows, white-water rivers and braided river valleys.

Our Vision Statement reads:

"Lil'wat7u ( Lil'wat citizens) will be governed under our own constitution. Nt'akmen(ur way) will be applied to new challenges and opportunities to maximize the benefit for all the community. We will contribute as individuals and families to a healthy community that ensures our safety and security."

Most of our population reside in the town of Mt.Currie. We have a K-12 school, a University campus, an active corporate arm, a health centre, and Lands & Resources, Public Works, Social Services, finance and governance departments.