Current Population

Population Growth

Year Area C Pemberton IR Total
1996 1,547 857 1,267 3,671
2001 1,499 1,642 1,360 4,501
2006 1,887 2,192 1,490 5,569

Increase in population from 1996 to 2006: 33.50%

Pemberton and area has experienced significant growth since 2000. Proximity to Whistler and Lifestyle has attracted a younger more diverse population. The ability to work remotely via IT services has opened up the valley to a variety of business, consultant and investment type people who wish to enjoy the outdoor landscape versus urban development.

Completion of the Sea to Sky highway and easier access to major Vancouver markets will see an increase in vacation type housing development and tourism-based operators (services, B&B lodging, recreational adventure). Developers foresee opportunities for mixed density housing and infrastructure improvements which will further increase interest in the community and subsequent population growth.

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