Pemberton Transportation

Main Highways

  • Serviced by Highway 99 (Vancouver to Highway 97).
  • Downtown is serviced by Portage Road enroute to Hurley Road and Meager Hot Springs.
  • Highway 99, Portage Road, and Pemberton Meadows Road are owned and maintained by the provincial government.
  • Sea to Sky Highway (Hwy 99) Upgrades Completed between Horseshoe Bay and Whistler.


  • Pemberton Valley Transit System provides commuter service between Pemberton and Whistler and local service between Pemberton and Mt. Currie.
  • Frequent service between Mount Currie and Whistler.
  • Greyhound provides service from the Husky Gas Station located on Highway 99 in Pemberton to Whistler, Squamish and Vancouver.

Pedestrian, Cycling, Equestrian Modes

  • Completion of a Pemberton and Area C Trail Master Plan.
  • Important trail connections are identified
  • Valley Loop Trail provides a route connecting most neighbourhoods.
  • Further plans to connect Pemberton Plateau and Mount Currie to the Village via the Valley Friendship Trail.
  • Hitching posts for horse travel available at several downtown destinations.


  • Informal network of car pooling.
  • A comprehensive parking management plan is needed for the downtown to enhance local businesses and ensure a pedestrian-friendly environment.


  • Pemberton Regional Airport (PRA).
  • Ongoing investigations to enhance and expand facilities.
  • Offers 3,917 ft (1,194 m) long by 100 ft (30 m) wide runway.
  • The runway is limited to daytime VFR activity.
  • Users are typically fire and rescue vehicles, commercial activity companies, gliders, local aircraft, and helicopter companies.
  • The Pemberton Airport accepts fixed-wing and rotorcraft vehicles.

Available Couriers

  • UPS
  • DHL
  • Purolator
  • Squamish Freightways
  • Coastal Freightways

Pemberton’s Proximity To:

  • Whistler: 35 km
  • Lillooet: 100 km
  • Vancouver: 156 km
  • Kamloops: 268 km
  • Seattle: 385 km
  • Kelowna: 389 km
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