About Pemberton & District

The Village of Pemberton (population 2,574 as of 2016 census which is up 5.8% from the 2011 census) is a spectacular 20-minute drive north of Whistler Resort, accessible directly off Highway 99. The Village, located at the foot of majestic Mt Currie, is the hub for the Pemberton Valley and district. The district includes the Village, the first nations community of Mount Currie, plus the Pemberton Valley, D'Arcy and Birken. The area population is 1,663 as of 2016 census which is down -4.4% from the 2011  census. .Mount Currie has a population of 1,286 ( 2016 census) which is down -1.6% from the 2011 census.

A Varied Economic Base

The area was developed at the turn of the century as a result of forestry and agriculture. The Pemberton Valley lies northwest of the Village and is famous for its seed potatoes. Pemberton and district offers world-class activities and recreation including snowmobiling, horseback riding, skiing, golfing, hiking, rafting, jet boating and gliding. The district also provides a variety of shopping, dining, accommodations and a thriving service and light industrial sector.

Mt Currie

Incredibly Beautiful

The Pemberton district abounds with natural beauty surrounded by three of the most beautiful Provincial Parks in BC. There is ample opportunity for camping at Birkenhead Lake, Garibaldi, Joffre Lakes and Nairn Falls parks.

Great Location & Easy to Reach

Pemberton is easy to reach by road and air. Highway 99 is a well maintained major provincial highway. The Village's airport provides access for fixed wing and helicopter traffic.

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