Pemberton Climate

Pemberton Valley has a unique weather system. The area is typically 3 to 10 degrees centigrade warmer than Whistler, the popular resort located just south of the Pemberton Valley.

Pemberton's weather can often be quite different that Whistler. Although Whistler is only a short drive from Pemberton when it's raining or snowing in Whistler it can be warm and sunny in the Valley.

Average Rainfall by Month:

  • Total Average Annual Precipitation: 940 mm
  • Average Precipitation (July, August, September): 210 mm
  • Average Precipitation (November through March): 550 mm

Extreme Temperatures by Month:

  • Average High/Low Temperature: July 32 C° / 20 C°
  • Average High/Low Temperature: Jan 0 C° / -11 C°

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