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Meet the Members for October introduces Richlife Fitness and Richard Sievewright. 

I am West Midlands, UK-born. Chasing a life of adventure and mountain activity brought me to the Sea to Sky area in 2013. My partner Katie and I realized we could not own a home in Whistler and looked to Pemberton. We love living in Pemberton and wouldn’t be any other place. This town is everything we dreamed of and more.

My work is a lifestyle, so I live my work. I practice the healthy, active living that I preach. I walk my dog in the forest and hang with the kiddos. I read philosophy and I enjoy electronic music festivals with my spiritual partner Katie.

I decided to be a business owner and start Richlife because I simply got tired of my talent for making other people money. I wanted autonomy and a better life. Going it alone was scary but it was a great decision.

The biggest challenge to my business is getting up every day at 5 AM. I wish we lived in a world where people started work at 11 AM.

My greatest reward as a business owner is seeing Richlifers outside of class and seeing friendships and support form in the gym. Seeing people turn up and walk through the door, knowing they made the choice to come and better themselves, gets me every time!

I would love for people to know that Richlife is for ALL FITNESS LEVELS, ages and body types. Richlife has a reputation for being hard, and I’m proud of that reputation because doing hard things is good for the soul, and intensity drives results. But the difficulty is relative to the person. We meet our members where they are and we slowly start to build capacity. I’m accomplished at adapting training for all sorts of issues. A few weeks ago we had a guy deadlifting 405 pounds next to some ladies learning with wooden plates. In the same class, we had a pregnant lady, a couple of new moms, some stiff guys, some over 60, and an Olympian. Everyone got something great out of the session.

I have adapted my training style to mountain-specific strength and conditioning. The beauty of this training methodology is that it is purpose-driven, preparing you to be strong and fit for your mountain sports, the by-product is that you look great as well.

Moving into year 7 with approximately 100 clients each month, this business is a labour of love. A life goal has been achieved by opening a gym space in Pemberton. Finding a permanent home for Richlife is beyond exciting and what a home it is! Richlife has a brand new 2000-square-foot facility with high ceilings, a washroom, heating, and parking – pure luxury!

If you are ready for change and would like to experience the Richlife, please visit our website:

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