Sea to Sky Optometry – Mindy Blumberg

Sea to Sky OPtometry - Mindy Blumberg

Our April Meet the Members features a much needed business in the Pemberton Valley, Sea to Sky Optometry. Local residents no longer have to drive to Whistler for eye care. Mindy Blumberg, Optometrist, is available to perform eye exams and vision tests, to prescribe and dispense corrective lenses, detect eye abnormalities and can prescribe medications for eye issues. In addition to the clinic in Pemberton, Sea to Sky Optometry offers mobile clinics to the Lil’wat Nation and other Statyemc Communities.


Tell us about yourself Mindy:

I am originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario and grew up with a passion for skiing. My decision to settle in Pemberton was driven by a deep appreciation for nature, skiing and biking in the mountains, as well as a resonance with the community’s values and welcoming atmosphere.


Why did you decide to be a business owner and open Sea to Sky Optometry?

I believe that independent optometry clinics are the best option for patients because of the quality of care and products. Sea to Sky Optometry was started to provide personalized and high technology eye care while fostering a positive work environment for our team. We are always striving to do our best professionally and have fun along the way.


What is the biggest challenge to operating your business?

The biggest challenge to my business is recruiting an optometrist. This is a common hurdle for businesses in the area, reflecting the broader employment landscape of the region.


What is the greatest reward?

The greatest reward in operating Sea to Sky Optometry lies in the impact it has on the community. By providing access to cutting-edge eye care technology and specialized service for various eye conditions, the clinic contributes to enhancing the quality of life for many community members.


What would you like people to know about Sea to Sky Optometry?

Sea to Sky Optometry prides itself on being  a leader in high-tech eye care with a small town setting. Our specialty services cater to individuals who are dealing with conditions such as dry eye, kertoconus, glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes and macular degeneration. Through a combination of advanced technology and personalized attention, Sea to Sky Optometry aims to deliver top-quality eye care tailored for the unique needs of each patient.

Learn more about Sea to Sky Optometry and make an appointment for eye care today!

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