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The Business Creatrix

Hello! I am Kevani, also known as The Business Creatrix. I am passionate about fostering the dreams of visionary creators, culture makers, and impact-centric entrepreneurs, helping them transform their innovative visions and talents into mindful, thriving businesses. I am originally from Scotland and grew up skiing on dry slopes and sheet ice. In 2006, accompanied by nothing more than a backpack and a one-year visa, I achieved my dream of arriving in Whistler for “just one season.” The deep snow, like-minded community, and vibrant culture resonated with me, and very quickly, I began plotting ways to convert this temporary escapade into a permanent residence. Fast forward a fun-packed decade, my husband and I, along with our little daughter, decided to plant our familial roots in the fertile soil of Pemberton.

I love being here in the mountains. In the last year, my kids have become capable enough to be my adventure partners, which has been extra fun. Fuelled by sunshine, I’m happiest walking or running in the forest, dipping my toes in the river or lake, or carving between the trees on my snowboard. Lately, I’ve enjoyed getting into dirt biking so that I can explore more of the mountains around Pemberton.

My decision to embrace entrepreneurship and establish The Business Creatrix is rooted in my rich experience working with the talented team at MMGY Origin. I am deeply grateful for my journey there, one that saw me grow from an Account Manager to eventually the VP of People and performance. The ever-persistent entrepreneurial spirit within me couldn’t be contained any longer, and in the spring of 2023, I made the audacious leap to harness my passion for collaboration with inspirational individuals, while prioritizing the necessary flexibility, time and energy for my young family. Thus, The Business Creatrix was born.

I am currently in the emergent phase of my business and the largest hurdle I face is breaking the common misconception that business coaching is a luxury reserved only for the corporate world. I firmly believe that anyone whose intention aligns with enriching the world in any manner deserves professional guidance and support.

My mission is to help individuals crystallize their innovative ideas, craft strategic plans, and turn those plans into tangible actions. I specifically want to work with small business owners and solo entrepreneurs to highlight that business coaching is accessible, and beneficial for everyone and not just high-ranking executives. This breaking down of preconceived notions is my principal challenge and, as a self-identified disrupter, one I take on happily.

My greatest reward comes from the deeply gratifying, triple-win situations that unfold. The joy I experience flows from three interconnected aspects: hearing clients share stories of clarity and progress, witnessing their businesses positively impacting lives, and knowing that I have intentionally sculpted a business that not only supports others but also supports me creating a life where I can truly thrive and live in alignment with my personal values. This beautiful trifecta of fulfillment drives my passion to show up as The Business Creatrix every day.

There are a lot of coaches out there and the most important thing to know about me is that I am most definitely NOT your average business coach. I like to consider myself a co-creator. My approach combines the magic of tailored business coaching, incisive marketing strategy, and heartfelt collaborative support to distill swirling ideas, untangle confusions and pioneer progress.

For all the visionary creators, culture makers, and impact entrepreneurs in our community, I want you to know that I see you. I understand the struggle of daring to challenge the status quo and do things differently. I celebrate your pursuit of redefining societal success by doing business on your own terms. And here’s what I also know…I know that breaking new trails and forging your unique path becomes more enjoyable and fulfilling when you have the unwavering support of a partner – another creative mind to fuel your ideas, break down concepts into tangible steps, keep you accountable to and aligned with your vision, face challenges together and celebrate all the wins along the way.

I’d like to invite you to consider me as that partner.

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